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Observe, measure, learn

Prof-Dr Marc Fontoynont

dedicates his professional carreer to light and lighting. He has conducted research activities and education tasks in various universities in France, Denmark, USA, Canada, Swizzerland.

He has also conducted lighting design activities for museums, commercial buildings, public buildings, housing, Lighting Master Plans and led international research programs dealing with energy efficiency and innovative technologies in lighting.

He now runs consulting activities at Light and Innovation, based in France, focusing on training professionals groups and developing innovative communication narratives.

He is recipient the Fresnel Medal and the Alfred Monnier Lighting Awards (France), nominated for ELFORSK prize (Denmark, 2017). He was co-manager of the Master of Lighting Design at Aalborg University (DK) which obtain the PLDC award for best Lighting Education (2017).


« Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable what is not so ».
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)